Day 6 - Key terms முக்கிய சொற்கள்

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Comments in Python

In Python, comments begin with hash symbol (#). The lines that begins with # are
considered as comments and ignored by the Python interpreter.


Conditional operator

Ternary operator is also known as conditional operator that evaluate something based on a condition being true or false.



Data types

All data values in Python are objects and each object or value has type. Python has Builtin or Fundamental data types such as Number, String, Boolean, tuples, lists and dictionaries.




An Identifier is a name used to identify a variable, function, class, module or object.


Python uses whitespace such as spaces and tabs to define program blocks whereas other languages like C, C++, java use curly braces { } to indicate blocks of codes for class, functions or body of the loops and block of selection command.

input function

The input() function helps to enter data at run time by the user.


int() function

The int( ) function is used to convert string data into integer data.

Interactive mode Programming

  • In interactive mode Python code can be directly typed and the interpreter displays the result(s) immediately.
  • The interactive mode can also be used as a simple calculator.
  • The Interactive mode allows us to write codes in Python command prompt (>>>).



Keywords are special words used by Python interpreter. As these words have specific meaning for interpreter, they cannot be used for any other purpose.



In computer programming languages operators are special symbols which represent computations, conditional matching etc. Operators are categorized as Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Assignment etc.



print function

print() is an output function used to display the result of the program on the screen after execution.


  • It is a general purpose programming language which can be used for both scientific and non-scientific programming.
  • It is a platform independent programming language.
  • The programs written in Python are easily readable and understandable.


Script mode programming

Script mode programs can be written and stored as separate file with the extension .py and executed.

Script mode is used to create and edit python source file.



Python breaks each logical line into a sequence of elementary lexical components known as Tokens.


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