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Method of Teaching

Method of Teaching

by Asir Julius -
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Sir, I first of all thank you for coming up with the learning python in tamil language. It is a great boon for people who can understand only tamil.

Secondly, this course could have been highly popularized via social media, so that lot many people could  have learnt like me.

Off course, I am able to learn something which has not happened in the past. Thank You for your initiative.

For almost two decades, I have seen teachers who are trying to teach programming language right from 'C' language till date every teacher is teaching these basics without any real life examples. For example, if you are teaching STRINGS in data types, you should also tell various instances of using that variable. It may be easy for the people who are logical in thinking but people like me are unable to find as in what situation i would be using string. I agree there are many times in my daily life l would be using it in facebook or google but the exact scenarios may not identified by people like me. Hence, for better understanding of people like me, kindly add the scenario of the usage.

Thank You

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Re: Method of Teaching

by Murugan M -
As you expect I will try to teach python in our mother tongue tamil as possible. I hope you will also help us for this motive.