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Date: Sunday, 11 April 2021, 5:34 PM

1. Setting up Course




Editing course section

Adding & Editing Text

2. Categories

Categories help students and teachers to find their courses. Courses may be categorized by department or subject.

By default,  there is only one moodle category: miscellaneous. Although certainly free to put all your classes in the miscellaneous category, your students will find it easier to find their classes if they are organized in descriptive categories.

3. Courses

A course in Moodle is basically a space on the Moodle site where one or more teachers can add

learning resources and activities for  their students.

This is the main content area.

How to add the contents?

Click on gear menu and click turn editing on and then click add topics.

4. Editing course section

If we turn the editing on in our course by clicking the gear menu and then turn editing on we can quickly rename our sections from for example Topic 1 to a name that's relevant to us by clicking the pencil icon, typing in a new name and pressing Enter.

If we click Edit and then edit topic we can also add a summary of this section using the formatting available. If I

click Save Changes at the bottom you can see that the topic section has been renamed and its name is also reflected  in the nav drawer on the left. It's possible with the editing turned on to move sections, so we could move topic two, which is not yet renamed, up above topic one which has been renamed to Reading.

To delete a section we click the bin  icon from the menu on the right of the section.

5. Page

Page is a resource in moodle site.

In the page we can add text, image, audio, video and link to other web site.

6. Adding & Editing Text

In moodle, at many places you have to type the text.

Using the editor default editor Atto, you can do following.

  • Formatting text
  • Changing color
  • Inserting image
  • Inserting audio/video
  • Linking text with external web site

Alternate editor Tiny MCE can also be used.